DO you want to reach a wider market with less effort?

A busy client had multiple properties for short term rental across various cities and was facing increasing difficulty working with a management team. He wanted to maximise his time, have more control over rentals. He also wanted to give potential renters the opportunity to see his property and all it could offer without his being there, give them the opportunity to share their experience on a site he could control.

We were able to help.  We filmed and added engaging and interesting property videos to his site that did more than showcase the property but created engaging narratives about the amenities, locations, and guides for checking in, checking out and getting the best out of a rental experience. These added value to his properties. Video testimonials are so powerful much more than reviews. He was excited.

With all this on his own site he has been able to manage his rental without having to be present at each location and free his time, increase rental and begin building a brand.

What if We can help you grow your property business exponentially?

What if we can help with easing the process of marketing and running your business?