We believe


The best team wins.  Everyone wants something and brings something unique to the table.

Clarity is a key part of success. Knowing what you want from each moment increases your value to the team and the true cost of time.

We all grow from each engagement we have with each other and must identify our strengths and our weaknesses, striving to find

harmony and balance is one of our goals. Empowerment through enlightenment - wealth through service. 




We are a an experienced team of content creators with a goal to produce commercially successful film and television productions with a uniquely African world view.

Blackwing Productions is driven by a desire to succeed, to create more than economic wealth but excel at what we love best. Creating successful movies and good television that sells, excites and impacts positively.  We have a story and we intend to tell it successfully while harnessing the best skills we can along the way. Each person on this team has a production or more "under the belt". We are working together as a committed team to build a successful and sustainable pipeline that will effectively deliver our creative vision to the world. 



Roll-Camera-action Workshop (RCAM) project is our driving concept.

A vehicle to reaching our desired goal effectively and sustainably.

An exciting film and television training program empowering young creatives with sustainable skills and the opportunity to raise their voices through their unique stories. Each 10 week session ends with 3 commercially viable programs and the opportunity for the best of the participants to join our creative team. RCAM is;

  • A means to legitimately and successfully raise capital  for production
  • A capacity building process to get the best actors and a dedicated crew trained at low cost to us.
  • A unique opportunity to sustain our brand across various markets (RCAM international)


Data Data data. Test it – Create it  - Test again .

Our core company marketing strategy is the key to our vision. Each works with a combination guidelines to;

  • Monitizable content
  • Developing a committed paying audience
  • Maximizing the development of a  great story 

We thrive by thinking outside the box

Each of these three strands has a strategy that we rigorously apply to every product.